Regular Programming

Upcoming events are added to our calendar regularly– click here for more information. And read on to discover some of our other programming initiatives.

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Faculty Fellowship Program

Semester-long residential fellowships provide two course releases and require residency at the Center. Fellows are required to give a talk at the Center. We aim to accept faculty from as wide a range of disciplines, departments and programs as possible, so that all disciplines feel that they have a stake in the Center, and in its work and activities. The deadline for applications for 2021-22 has passed. 

Graduate Student Fellowship Program 

Semester-long residential fellowships allow doctoral students nearing completion of their programs the time necessary to focus on dissertation writing, and the opportunity to present and discuss their research with faculty outside of their own thesis committees and departments. Graduate fellows are required to give a talk (formal or informal) at the Center. The deadline for applications for 2021-22 has passed.

Annual Symposium  

An annual symposium, organized around the Center’s theme, will feature a keynote address, and will draw scholars from both Mason and beyond. Towards our goal of engaging the public in the intellectual and cultural activity of the humanities, the symposia will also feature outward facing programming, such as a public talk or a thematically-related performance or reading. 

Symposium Seminar 

The Center will run a “symposium seminar” for advanced undergraduates. Students will apply to participate in a brief seminar leading up to the symposium, focused on its theme and on the research work of the keynote speaker. In preparation for the symposium, the seminar will convene to discuss the scholar’s work and related texts, and at the symposium, the seminar will have its own private session with speaker.  

Small Research Grants 

The Center awards small grants for GMU faculty conducting research in the humanities (small research trips, book publishing costs, image permissions, etc). All who receive funding are required to give a talk (formal or informal) or workshop at the Center. The deadline for proposals for summer funding 2021 has passed. 

Evening Talks and Panel Discussions 

The Center hosts regular talks by both fellowship and research grant recipients, and other interested faculty. If you are interested in giving a talk, please email a proposal to room

Informal Lunch Talks  

The Center hosts a robust schedule of informal lunch talks/discussions. While some will be research talks, other will be on the topic of research itself. If you have ideas for topics or would like given an informal lunch talk, please email a proposal to 


The Center convenes regular workshops for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students. 

Reading Groups and Working Groups 

The Center fosters, supports, and provides space for topical and thematic Working Groups and Reading Groups for faculty, graduate students and staff.