CHR Working Group- Northern Virginia: Pasts/Presents/Futures

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Zoom [contact Steven Anthony Scott for a link]

CHR Working Group- Northern Virginia: Pasts/Presents/Futures

The landscapes (historical, ecological, educational, medical, demographic, technological, memorial, and political) of Northern Virginia are complex and richly layered. 

Does your research engage the history, politics, economics, inequalities, immigration patterns, languages, religious communities, or narrative traditions of Northern Virginia? 

We are interested in exploring how the landscapes of the present have been shaped by these social, political, economic, and cultural forces, by histories of colonization and racial violence, immigration and innovation, in profound but often obscured ways. Equally, we want to explore how our contemporary landscape opens out toward the future, technologically, economically, ecologically, politically and sociologically.  

If you are interested in working on a transdisciplinary project about our region, a project with both an academic and public humanities dimension, please contact one of the co-coordinators, Alison Landsberg ( or Steven A. Harris-Scott ( 

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