CHR Archaeology Working Group Talk : Professor Jamie Aprile (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)

An Introduction to the San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM EST
Hybrid meeting (in person in Horizon Hall 6325, Zoom link also be available below)

Open to: students, faculty, and staff

Hybrid event: join us in person in Horizon Hall 6325 or on Zoom by clicking here.

About: The San Giuliano Archaeological Research Project (SGARP) is an interdisciplinary excavation and field school exploring long term change in central Italy. The site of San Giuliano, named for a medieval church still standing on the central hilltop, consists of a looted Etruscan chamber tomb cemetery (ca. 6th-5th cen. BCE), a medieval hall and tower (ca. 11th-12th century CE), and evidence for a Hellenistic or Roman sanctuary nearby. Our research explores the site as a borderland place situated between the regions of Lazio and Tuscany, caught between the power centers of Tarquinia, Cerveteri, and Rome in the Etruscan period, seemingly bypassed and abandoned by the Romans during their hegemony over Italy, and developed once more during the regional conflicts between the kingdoms and Papal States of the Middle Ages.

We seek to build a more robust data set for long-term habitation at the site and to contextualize it within historical regional patterns with the overarching goal of testing the predominant incastellamento model of regional organization in central Italy. Over the course of four seasons so far, with a fifth planned for summer 2022, the team is conducting a systematic survey of the cemetery, geophysical prospection on the upper plateau using a variety of methods, salvage excavation of several looted tombs within the cemetery, and full excavation of the medieval hall.

The field school is designed to support and integrate students into our research with robust instruction in archaeological methods that allow motivated students to learn essential techniques while developing independent research projects.

More about the speaker: Professor Jamie Aprile.


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