Environmental Justice Reading Group

Friday, December 10, 2021 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Zoom [contact Levi Van Sant (cvansan@gmu.edu) or Todd Stafford (rstaffo2@gmu.edu) for a link]

Environmental Justice Reading Group

Communitarian and recognition theories of justiceCircumpolar indigenous communities

Harald Bauder and Rebecca Mueller (2021) “Westphalian Vs. Indigenous Sovereignty: Challenging Colonial Territorial Governance” Geopolitics: pp 1-18.

Candis Callison (2014) “The Inuit Gift” from How Climate Change Comes To Matter: The Communal Life of Facts. Duke UP: pp 39-80.

Elizabeth Marino (2015) “Finding a way forward: trust, distrust, and Alaska native relocation planning in the twenty first century” from Fierce climate, sacred ground: an ethnography of climate change in Shishmaref, Alaska. University of Alaska Press: pp 61-80.

Mark Nutall (2019) “Living in a world of becoming” from Climate, Society, and Subsurface Politics in Greenland: Under the Great Ice. Routledge: pp 62-86

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