Assistant Professor Jackie Burek (CHR Residential Fellow spring '22) to present at Carter School Peace Week

The CHR invites you to join Assistant Professor Jackie Burek (CHR Residential Fellow spring 2022) at an upcoming event she’s participating in at the Carter School Peace Week, on March 25. Here’s Professor Burek telling us a bit more about her incredible public humanities project and upcoming showcase at this special event: 

“For the last several years, I've been involved in a public humanities project related to the history of Welsh women's peace activism. I'm a member of Heddwch Nain/Mam-gu (Our Grandmothers' Peace), which is anorganization dedicated to remembering, celebrating, and realizing the vision of world peace imagined by Welsh women in post-WWI Wales. We're a collective of people who work at various cultural institutions (such as the National Library of Wales) and people who are just local community organizers or activists. I'm one of the seven women who make up the USA subgroup of this organization. I've been doing archival research for the group, and have also given a few presentations to various organizations about the contributions of Welsh women to the history of peace activism. 

This year, we're celebrating the centenary of the most remarkable achievement in the history of Welsh peace activism: an appeal and petition (with almost 400,000 signatures, approximately seven miles long!) from the women of Wales to the women of the United States, seeking US women's support for the US to join the League of Nations. It’s tremendously consequential—they hosted a massive luncheon in New York with all the leading lights of the American women's peace movement, and then met the President and Secretary of State during their delegation to the US in 1924. You can read more about the peace petition and its history here. Last year, together with our partners in Wales, we were able to secure the return of the petition to Wales for digitization and study. The return was covered by major news outlets such as BBC and NPR. 

Now that the petition has been brought back to Wales, we've been working to spread the story in the USA, and as part of that, we're hosting an event during the GMU Carter School Peace Week. As you can see, we have a stellar lineup of people, including politicians and the most famous living Welsh poet who was recently honored alongside Salman Rushdie. One of the things that we'll be talking about is the intersection between history as a discipline and history as a lived experience. And I'll be speaking on the experience of archival research. I would love to see the CHR community attend!”


Annie Hughes Griffiths, President of the Welsh League of Nations Union (WLNU), displays the memorial cover of the 1923 Welsh Womens Peace Appeal petition to America on the steps of the White house in Washington, following the Welsh peace delegation's meeting with President Calvin Coolidge on 21 February 1924, alongside fellow Welsh 'Peace Tour' representatives (L-R) Gladys Thomas, Mary Ellis and Elined Prys.