Center for Humanities Research Announces Summer 2021 Research Grants

The Center for Humanities Research invites all tenure track and term faculty members (on a 9-month contract) to apply for summer research funding. Applicants may apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to support humanities-related research.

Please note that in any given year a faculty member may not receive both a CHR residential fellowship and summer funding. Tenure-line faculty who apply for both can only take up one award in any given year. 

Applications must include:

Cover letter specifying the applicant's name, department, rank, years at Mason, and a list of previous research funding while at Mason (if applicable).

Project description not to exceed a one-page, single-spaced description that includes a clear account of the specific work to be accomplished with this funding (e.g., if you are writing a book, what chapter or piece of it will you be working on with this grant?).

Amount requested and justification for funding. The justification need not take the form of a formal budget, but it will be helpful for the committee to understand how this funding will enable you to engage in research over the summer. Your application may include not only research costs, but also the costs of freeing up your time–for example, relief from summer teaching, monies for daycare and/or eldercare expenses, and the like.  

CV. Please append a short CV, not more than two pages.

Proposed contribution to the life of the CHR. All recipients of summer funding must contribute to the life of the CHR in the following academic year in the form of an informal, lunchtime research presentation, a formal academic talk, a talk aimed at a public audience, or even the hosting of a workshop in some way connected to your research. Please describe the kind of contribution you propose to make. 

Applications due by Friday, April 9, at noon. Please compile all of the above components into a single application document and email the application document to, with “Summer Funding Application” in the subject line.