CHR Affiliate Research News

News from CHR Research Affiliates, including CHR Residential Fellows and CHR Summer Funding Awardees

Tawnya Azar (Summer 2021 Funding Awardee) recently chaired a Digital Literary Culture panel at Northeast MLA 2022. A special collection or an edited book are planned.

Jacqueline Burek (Spring 2022 Faculty Fellow) will present this summer (July 5, 2022) at her annual field conference, the International Medieval Congress at the University of Leeds (UK). The title of her talk is "Poeticising the Past in Robert Mannyng’s Chronicle."

Kevin Flanagan (Summer 2021 Funding Awardee) will publish a book chapter, "Paternalism, Bohemianism, and the X Certificate: The Party’s Over (1965) and the Pre-Swinging Set," in Adult Themes: British Cinema and the “X” Rating, 1958-1972, eds. Benjamin Halligan, Anne Etienne and Christopher Weedman (London: Bloomsbury, 2023). He has also had an essay published in a book. “Adapting Monstrous Creation: Lisztomania (1975) and Gothic (1986) as Gothic Mash-Ups” was published in the book Gothic Mash-Ups: Hybridity, Appropriation, and Intertextuality, ed. Natalie Neill (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2022). 21-36

Niklas Hultin (Spring 2021 Faculty Fellow) has a new book in press: Domestic Gun Control and International Small Arms Control in Africa. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. He has also published a new journal article: “Information as an Arena of Contestation in Post-Independence Gambia” in Gambian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences. Finally, he gave the following presentations, all of which drew upon the work he did as a CHR fellow:

  • “From Marbles to Papers: ‘Pragmatism,’ Post-Colonial Identity, and the Gains of Democracy in The Gambia’s Electoral System,” Society for the Social Study of Science (4s), Toronto, Canada [presented virtually]
  • “Senegal, The Gambia, and the African Human Rights System: Evaluating liberalism as a post-colonial identity and the realpolitik of human rights claims,” African Studies Association Annual Meeting, Virtual Event
  • “Rhetorics of ‘Mandingoization’: Public oral denunciations of ‘tribalism’ in the ‘New’ Gambia,” Mande Studies Association Conference, Uppsala, Sweden [presented virtually] 

Nathaniel Greenberg (Spring 2021 Faculty Fellow) has a new article out in the International Journal of Communication entitled, “American Spring: How Russian State Media Translate American Protests for an Arab Audience.” Read it here. Here are some other recent highlights:

Sam Lebovic (Spring 2021 Faculty Fellow) has been awarded a NEH Public Scholars grant for his project, "A History of the Espionage Act." Learn more here and find a full list of this year's recipients here. He has also just published a book, A Righteous Smokescreen: Postwar America and the Politics of Cultural Globalization. Finally, during his time as a fellow, he completed revisions and resubmission of an article (published in fall 2021):"The Conservative Press and the Interwar Origins of First Amendment Lochnerism."

Samaine Lockwood (Spring 2022 Faculty Fellow) presented a conference paper on Ann Petry's Tituba at the Northeast Modern Language Association, and co-chaired the panel. She will will present work on Freeman's Giles Corey as the keynote speaker at the Freeman Symposium in Paris in September 2022.

Michael Malouf (Fall 2021 Faculty Fellow) will present a paper entitled "Laws of Transition: Legalism and Environmental Justice in Petrocultural Time" at a conference, Petrocultures 2022: Transformations, in Stavanger, Norway (Aug 24-27, 2022).

Brian Platt (Fall 2021 Faculty Fellow) gave an invited lecture, “Tomb Hunting and Antiquarian Thought in Early Modern Japan,” at Johns Hopkins University (March 14, 2022).